Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Today Was A Busy Day

Today was a very busy day for me I was busy in and out the house. First stop in the morning I did my normal thing I log in to my computer to see if any work are waiting for me. I was so happy to see that there are a lot of work waiting for me. But then I have to get up cook for the kids meal. Then back to the computer check my FB then got up again to clean the sink.

After I cleaned up the sink I start preparing my ingredients to make cake for our anniversary tomorrow. While the cake is in the oven I make my frosting. after 30 minutes the cake was done so I told the kids to dress up because we are going to the store. Ready to go the store when we open the front door the sun was so bright and it's too hot. I started the car and let the air conditioning run to cool the car down. While waiting for the car to cool down the kids and I stay in the shade on the side of our house.

Then finally the car is nice and cold. We hit the road and we arrive at the store in no time. We begin shopping and I pick up something for hubby for our anniversary. I also pick up a card for him. Then when we are approaching our drive way we saw that hubby was home already. When I look at the clock man we spend so much time at the store lol. It was already late and I did not have any thing cook for dinner yet. So I hurried to the kitchen and make chicken adobo and pork humba a Filipino dish that my family love.

We had our dinner and hubby watch TV while I was watching my Filipino show in my computer. We had a nice and quiet night tonight.

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