Thursday, August 26, 2010

Homework are Done

Kids homework are done, now it's my turn to do my own homework lol. I am just waiting for hubby to be home so we can go to the store. We need to do a little grocery shopping when he gets home. I am out of bread and he is out of soda. I have the kids home now and they are so quiet in their own bedrooms. I guess that is good for me so I can concentrate blogging here without interruptions.

I had a pretty good salad for lunch today. My very own salad creation and it is spicy dressing on it. I can't eat my salad without spicy stuff on it. I am crazy on spicy foods:) Anyway I need to get the kids ready before hubby arrive. I like to go to the store with him so I can have back up if the kids doesn't listen hehehe.

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