Monday, August 16, 2010

We Need A Relaxing Get Away

Hubby and I has been browsing around tonight on where we can go for a little vacation. It's our wedding anniversary this week and kids last week of summer vacation. So we want to go somewhere, but still can't decide. We look at Myrtle Beach hotel and browse around on It is close where we live so for now that is our first option. The kids are excited about this plan and so are we.

We also check out Myrtle Beach best hotels and tomorrow is the decision day. We decided to think it over tonight and decide tomorrow. Tomorrow will find out where we going. I really can use a vacation because after this week will be work and deal with the school and homework.

I will be back on the road so early in the morning next week to drop the kids off to school. My car is been sitting in the drive way a lot on summer. Next week is back to the road again. It would be nice to stay in Myrtle beach resort and play golf with my family. We shall see tomorrow.

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