Friday, August 20, 2010

Local Search

We just got the local yellowpages today in our front door. I still like it because I can use it if I want to do a local search. It seems to find it there a lot faster. But I also use online a lot. When I look for local restaurants I always look for a new one near us. The is one place to go if you want to search locally.

I am so tired today we spend most of the day shopping. My feet is killing me now I wore my high hills and we walk so much. My daughter wore her new shoes and guess what she got blisters on the back of her feet. She was complaining half way through because it was hurting her so much. So I end up stopping at Justice and bought her a flip flop. She pick a pink flip flop with a peace sign on the top lol. She is crazy about it.

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