Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Once Again

My Monday started really good the kids did not give me hard time this morning. I gave them bath and got them ready for school with no stress. So happy when my day started nice, everyone is very cooperative. My boy woke up happy not moody. When I dropped them off to school today my son ask me again if I can come to lunch. Well, I have to see if I get done with my work here in the house then maybe.

I already explain to him that if mommy not going to make it there on lunch time, that means mommy is so busy at home working. He reply to me okay mommy! What a nice boy. He was a little sad again today but did not cry just a little red eyes. I almost forgot today is the day that his homeroom teacher will finally be there. I think I should go to the school for lunch so I can meet his teacher.

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