Friday, August 6, 2010

Grocery Shopping

We went grocery shopping today and it was not fun at all. Having two kids with us while going shopping is not a good idea they always complain and want to go home in every stop lol. They don't like going shopping with us, but we don't have any choice we have to bring them with us. We can't leave them at home alone. I just got done putting everything away. Now it's time for me to eat dinner we just ordered pizza.

Anyway if you have time check out Article Alley. Back to the shopping, I was looking for a nice backpack for my son but did not find any. So tomorrow I have to go to the other store and see if they have the one I’m looking. I want a backpack that last long. My daughter already has a backpack and she like it pink color with flowers on it.

I just hope to find one for my boy tomorrow. I don’t like going out at day time because the sun is super hot. Today was over 100 degrees again and I can’t stand the heat. Have a great weekend everyone! I have to finish my dinner now and watch TV with the family.

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