Friday, August 27, 2010

Still Washing

I am multitasking in here talking to the phone with my friends and washing clothes. Now blogging and waiting for the clothes to be dry. Do you love to play golf? Then visit Book your trip today at 48 hour tee times you can visit their site now and pick your tee times. Their prices are so affordable and easy to book. So what are you waiting for? check out their website today.

I have to let my friend know about the website so he can also check it out. For me and hubby we love to fish almost every weekend. Anyway I am heading to the school again today to join my little boy for lunch. He is still a little sad when mommy turn her back and go back to the car. He is such a baby. I am hoping that he will have new friends soon. He is so shy to do the first move and I notice that most of his classmates are so quiet also.

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