Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mowed The Grass

I mowed the grass today and now our front and backyard are good. I couldn't wait for hubby to cut it because it's really getting so tall. Now hubby can relax after work and he doesn't need to worry about the grass. I noticed that most of my plants are dead I guess because the weather is been so hot lately. I am thinking of getting those window boxes and start having a garden window boxes. I remember my mother always have a window flower boxes in our house in the Philippines. She likes to plant anything from vegetables to flowers. I remember she had those window boxes planters and she will put a very nice colorful flowers on it.

I have three sisters and our job is to help mom water the plants morning and afternoon. Now my sisters are doing it on their own home. My older sister started with one window box and then later on she have more than one. Then the other two sisters are doing it too. Now I want to start my very own window plant boxes.

I always like to pick a flowers from my older sisters garden back when I was still in the Philippines. Whenever I visit her in her house I always end up in her garden and pick flowers. She told me that she really miss me and now there is nobody picking flowers in her garden anymore. :(

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