Thursday, August 26, 2010

Raining Season Is Here

It rains here in Florida almost every day now. I like it when I am not doing any outdoor stuff. But if we are out and it rains, it really mess up our day. Anyway we need the rain for our grass since it is turning brown because of the high heat temperature. I remember in the Philippines we always have a rain barrels to save rain water. We use it to water our plants. Water barrel is really good for people who live in a small villages. They can save water to wash clothes and also for the animals and plants.

Around September is the most rain we have in the place where I grow up. So we are having like a rain harvesting on that month. But the best thing is that all the kids in the neighborhood gather around and play in the rain. I love to play in the rain when I was a kid my friends and I like to watch the river become so big and then it start to flood. Behind my grandmother's house is a river sometimes we watch the flood from upstairs.

If you are looking for rain water barrels just visit They have a huge selections of water barrels. I saw a rain barrels for sale the other day at the store but I did not like the look. At their rain water barrel is so nice and you can use it as a decorations in your garden. I love all the shapes and designs that they have.

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