Friday, December 3, 2010

Kids Are So Happy

My kids are so happy and excited about going to Disney world. I just won a 4 tickets for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas. We went there last year and we had so much fun. Right now hubby and I are still trying to decide which day we have to pick to go there. The kids want to hop in the car and go now lol. We need to plan it first. My birthday is coming up and I though we can go on that week but, the kids are still in school. So, now we are thinking about the following week since that is the last week of school then winter break.

The kids can't wait to explore disney again. This time I am sure that they are going to have so much fun because they're a lot older. The last time we went to Magic Kingdom we rode on the splash mountain ride and our son was so scared. I am wondering if he still want to go on that ride this time. We have to see then. One thing for sure I am going to take a lot of pictures on that trip.

This time I won't be doing what I did last year. On the way home I started to look at all the pictures that we took and then I started to delete the picture that I didn't like. Guess what happen? I end up deleting everything. I was crying on the way home lol. Good thing we have a few pictures in the other camera. But, the most picture was the one I deleted. Lesson learn never to do it again!

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