Saturday, April 2, 2011

Yard Cleaning

A bunch of neighbor doing spring cleaning on their front yard today. I guess because finally the sun is so bright and it's very nice outside. One of our neighbor is putting a brand new mailbox that it's similar to a whitehall mailboxes. Well, if you check out the whitehall products you will see a bunch of different kind of mailboxes. We just bought a mailbox last year so ours will be fine for a few years.

The last one we had in there before somebody knocked it down to the ground. I hope those crazy people will not do it again. Anyway I am not feeling so good today I have a headache and don't have any energy to do some stuff around the house. A little stress also but I'll be okay I guess.

The kids are in their bedroom watching movie. We just got home from the movie theater. The kids pick the movie and I am glad they like it. Soon is back to school again! They're not looking forward about going to school again but they don't have the choice lol. Well, I am just super proud of them because both have a straight A's grade right now:)

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