Saturday, April 23, 2011

Please Pray For My Mom

My mother's blood pressure just shoot up really high and now she is in the hospital.:( I am so worried about her. As of now her blood pressure is a little bit okay but, the problem is she is complaining about the pain on her head. My sister told me that she cries a lot because of the pain.

I hope and pray that there is nothing serious going on her head. I need all your prayers my friends for her fast recovery. I really don't like when something like this happen because I am so far away. I can't even visit her because I am here in the other side of the world. All I can do now is pray for her:( I hope the result of the test will come back soon so we know what's going on. Right now the doctor want to do a ct scan on her head to see why it is hurting so bad.

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