Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Car Wash

I need my car wash soon it is full of pollen and the color is now yellow lol. I washed it couple weeks ago but then the next day it's yellow again. I have to clean the inside too the kids made a big mess. I am trying to read this car carpet cleaning tips. I want this car clean before going back to school on Monday.

I have so much spring cleaning to do here in the house. Good thing I don't have any pets right now otherwise I'll be looking for carpet cleaning tips pet stains I remember it before when we had a dog it was hard to keep the carpet clean and stain free. Now talking about carpet it reminds me that I need to shampoo the carpet:)

Check out this carpet cleaning companies reviews austin. I had somebody coming to my house before to clean the carpet and it was great! Now I am doing it all myself with the help of the machine that hubby bought me:) Cleaning the carpet is now a little easier. But, having two kids in the house that always spill drinks is not helping me keeping the carpet stain free.

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