Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lots Of Bad News:(

I am receiving a lot of bad news today and it's very hard to handle. My uncle which is my father's brother is in ICU right now and he is comatose. I feel so bad about it and I can't even visit them. My father is having too much stress lately after my mother now his brother. I am just glad that mom is a lot better now and out of the hospital.

Please guys help me pray for my uncle... Anyway, today I received another text message that my godmother is in the hospital also with a high blood pressure and she is in critical condition. My god I am so sudden with all this news. I love my god mother she's been my god mother on my baptismal and wedding. Now she is in bad shape and I can't even see her. My family told me that she keeps on asking when I am going to visit Philippines again because she want to see me. My goodness me right this moment it is so impossible for me to go visit Philippines.

I am just trying to pray hard each day for their fast recovery. Only god can help them now and all I can do is pray for them.

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