Sunday, May 8, 2011

Still Can't Decide!

Hubby and I still can't decide which Internet Security service to get. I guess we have to keep on looking and see if we can find one that we can both agree on. I have to update a lots of my stuff in my laptop. Also I am moving a lot of pictures to the external hard drive. I want those pictures to be in the safe place.

I am trying to fit all this stuff that we are doing today. I wan the kids to enjoy the day too! So we are going to the pool their been asking me to go swimming for days now. So today is the day to go swimming. I need to buy some more sunblock at the store first I don't want them to have that bad sunburn again.

Enjoy your day mommies! I am enjoying my day already. I am just using this extra time I have right now to update my blog.

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