Monday, May 30, 2011

They Got Enough

My kids had too much water playing yesterday. Sunday morning we got up so early like 5:30am hubby load up the truck with the beach stuff and fishing rods. By the time I got the kids dressed up and everything ready it was 6am. Then we drove for 45minutes to Fernandina beach. By the time we arrived at the beach the sun was already out. I got some pictures that I am going to share with you guys.

I will try to download it tomorrow. Anyway, the kids played at the beach with their body board for 5hours. Then finally we decided to go and get something for lunch. After our lunch we go back home. Then, the kids asked me if they can go swimming at the pool! My goodness those two is like a fish. Well, what can I do after few minutes hubby and I brought them to go swimming at the pool. I can't believe that they're been in the water for a whole day. From the beach to the pool.

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