Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Done Watching TV

I am finally done watching my favorite show. Now I need to be back on my blogging world lol. I just bought hubby some new work shoes the other day. I was glad that he like it but I still need to get him some work boots for going out the plant. I like to go shopping for hubby's stuff I enjoy it a lot. I have to do it for him because he doesn't like to go clothes or shoe shopping.

Couple years ago I got him the steel toe shoes for going to the plant. But, now it is time to get him a new one. He want the same exact shoes but I don't see it at the store anymore. I have to search for it later coastalboot.com I am hoping that they got that same shoes that he want. Speaking of shoes I need to wash the kids shoes today. It is the best time to wash it because the sun is so bright outside it will be dry before the day is through.

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