Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ebay rocks

Thanks for the post, Arthur Lawrence

Ebay is pretty much the greatest thing to ever happen to my business. I own and manage a sports collectable store and I can’t tell you how much easier my life has become since the auction giant took off a few years ago! I didn’t even have internet at the store, but once I saw what was happening with Ebay I quickly found some Clearinternet specials online and signed right up.

When in the past I would have had to find a seller via classified or word of mouth, now I have a portal I can log right into to find the latest in collectable goods for sale. It works out great since I can buy an item online then resell it at the store! The opposite works as well and I’ve finally unloaded some collectables like autographed jerseys and signed baseball cards that have been collecting dust here for years. I just needed a way to find the right buyer and Ebay is it! My business will never be the same.

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