Thursday, May 5, 2011

Done Folding

I finally got the all the clothes folded today. Now I have to move on to the next level which is ironing. Too much usage of the electricity because of the dryer I wish we can solar power to do that. I guess I can if I hang them outside lol. Anyway have you heard about ArosaEnergy Company? I just visited their website today and I can’t believe how much I learn about New Jersey solar energy.

You can check it out today by clicking the link on this post. I want to have those solar panels in my home. I bet we are going to save a lot of money on electricity. Nowadays we need all the savings we can get. I am going to read more about NJ solar panels later on. I am pretty sure our electricity bill is going to go up in the coming months because of the air conditioning. It’s the time of year again that we need to turn it on to keep us and the house cold.

Solar power is the other way on saving energy. Well, Right now I am getting myself ready for exercise. I need to exercise and lose weight because the high blood pressure runs in my family both side. I need to keep myself into exercising at least a few minutes a day. Anyway I just received another text from my father and my uncle still the same no changes at all he is still in coma. God help us!

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