Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Extended Warranty

I just received a notice from the mail today about my Car Warranty is expired. Now I am thinking of getting a Extended Warranty for it. I feel a lot better if I have a car warranty specially now that my car is getting old. I need to talk to hubby later and see what he thinks about it. I guess if we can afford it then, we can get that extended warranty.

Visit fidelityautomotivesolutions.com for Auto Warranty. The reason why I want to have that extended warranty is to avoid costly repairs. Anyway, I need to clean my car today after I pick up the kids from school. Kids made a big mess in the back seat so mommy have to clean it up. My car also need to be wash it is so dusty. Maybe the kids can help me washing the car later this afternoon. Both of them like to play with water so, I am pretty sure that they will be helping me.

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