Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Hubby and I are so proud of our kids! Yesterday it was my daughter's awarding ceremony at school. Hubby and I was so happy watching our daughter keeps on climbing up at the stage to receive her awards. On the fourth quarter she got straight A's again! Also she received a perfect attendance and A in Conduct. It is such a wonderful feelings to see your daughter doing such an awesome job at school.

After the fourth quarter ceremony they followed it with the all year awarding ceremony. My daughter once again got a medal for AB honor roll all year. She had a couple B in the first quarter that is the reason why she didn't get the all A's all year. In the whole fourth graders and I think there are 6 or 8 classrooms only 2 girls who got the all A's all year and There are only 5 got the AB honor roll all year and one of them is my daughter. Super proud of her. We also found out yesterday her Fcat results and she got the highest score in reading!.. It brought tears to my eyes really she made me so proud and happy!!!!...

She did such an amazing job! Now we are waiting for our son's awarding ceremony at the classroom. I checked his grades for the fourth quarter online and he got straight A's again! What a wonderful kids I have!!! He almost got the straight A's all year. The reason why he is not going to get the straight A's all year is because once again first quarter he had a B+. It's okay his grades is been so wonderful after the first quarter he got all his grades to A's. WHAT A SUPERRRR PROUDDDDD MOMMYYYY I AM:)

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