Friday, April 4, 2008

Summer Is Almost Here

Summer is almost here and in Florida it feels like summer already. That’s why when we went to the beach the other day hubby got bad sunburn. I’m excited because time to go shopping for new swimming suits already. I like buying swimsuit for my daughter she just look nice on any kind of swimsuits, but take note this girl is so picky on what kind of swimsuits she like to wear. For me, It’s hard for me to find a swimsuits that I like to wear since after giving birth of my two kids I gain weight and I’m shy to wear swimsuits but when I go to the beach I see a lot of women that is bigger than me and they are not shy to wear a two piece swimsuits so why should I right. But still hehehheee I have to find the one that it fits my taste.

Today I go to this website and I was amazed on their big selection of swimsuits they even carry plus size. Also for men and kids for woman who is wearing plus size then you need to browse on the longitude swimsuits. They have plenty of designs and colors, the prices are so affordable and I just like the designs of their swimsuits. Are you still looking for a swimsuit to wear this summer? Then visit their site at

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