Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fun Day at the Beach

Hubby comes home a little early today and we bring the kids to the beach. We really have fun especially the kids, they run around and play in the sand and run to the water. I was keeping my eyes so close with my boy because he would run in the water and not afraid at all he even want to go to a deeper water, and its scare me because the wave was big. The kids told us that they really have fun today especially when they feed the birds with their chips. I will share some pictures in here after I download it to my computer. I need to get the kids to bed now, Mia and Ian is so tired after all day at the beach.


frenz said...

hello angel nice blog! will you pls add me in your blog!

carlota said...

you guys so lucky there. hehehe.

pages and pages said...

pages and pages
pretty in pink layout!! nice one,,, keep smiling and laughin at life!!