Thursday, July 28, 2011

School Supplies

I got the kids their backpacks for school already. I can't believe how much are the backpacks nowadays. It's too expensive! I also got my boy a shoes since they have some nike and sketchers on sale. But, my daughter is so happy with her backpack because mommy got her the one that she really like. Well, it's kind of expensive but she like it so I just bought it while my eyes are close hehehe.

My son haven't seen his new shoes yet because when I got home he is sleeping. Until now he is still snoring lol. I am sure that he would love the shoes mommy got him. He wanted it so bad before but I told him I will get it for him next time. Good thing I didn't buy it then because now I got it for a very low price. We bought his backpack yesterday and he was so happy about it. But, he told us that he is not ready to go back to school.

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