Monday, January 3, 2011

Back To School Again

The kids are back to school today after the winter break. My son said he is not ready to go back yet lol. But, after he ate his breakfast today he was so ready for school. I can't believe what I did this morning we almost got late for school. My alarm was on and for some reason I just turn it off and went back to sleep.

Then I woke up with the sunlight coming through the window in our bedroom. I look at my clock it was already 7:25am oh mu god I jump off the bed and quickly went to the kids bedroom to wake them up. I talked to hubby I said I can't believe my alarm did not went off? He told me the alarm was fine, He said I turn it off and went back to sleep lol. I said great and you did not bother to wake me up hehehe. Anyway we got in to school on time and the kids had a good breakfast.

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