Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fireplace Gas Logs

I thought we are having a whole week of warm weather. But, I was wrong once again my feet are freezing again and we need to bundled up whenever we go outside. I guess we better get that fireplace going then. We are still browsing around for Gas Logs. Now that it's cold again it makes me want to get that fireplace really start to fire up. Hubby wants to read more about about R. H. Peterson Real Fyre Gas Logs.

I actually like the Outdoor Gas Logs also and I am hoping that hubby will agree with me lol. I have been reading about Gas Log FAQs. We never use our fireplace before so I am kind of scared about the fire hehehe. But we need to be warm so we need to get on with it. We already bought a portable heater for our bathroom. Our bathroom is the coldest part of our house then second is the master bedroom. Now I want the family room to be warm we spend more time in the family room in any other part of our house. It was pouring in here today so I am pretty sure that is going to be so cold tomorrow.

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