Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fun Night

The kids are having a very fun night tonight and last night. They have friends come over and it makes them so happy. Right now they are watching movies with hubby in the family room while I am blogging here in the living room lol. I don't like to watch a movie that I had already seen before. So here I am in the computer blogging.

They are watching how to train your dragon I think. The kids love that movie so much. I am glad that they are watching a movie. Now, I don't have to worry about the running around and screaming kids. All of them are so quiet concentrating on their movie lol.

I have to get up earlier because they asked me for a blanket. The heater is on but still feels so cold inside the house. I don't like the heater so high because we don't want to pay a big bill of electricity. Also when the heater is above 70 my nose start to dry out and it makes my nose bleed. So, we have to keep it on 68F.

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