Monday, January 10, 2011

Hitting the clubs for New Year's

Guest post written by Heena Ansari

Even though I love my parents, I was a little relieved to get back to my apartment where I could just relax and not have to share a room with my 14-year-old sister. I'm also really excited to go out and hit some of the clubs for New Year's because I haven't been out with my friends since like the beginning of December because we've all been so busy with work and family stuff.

Somehow, I kind of became in charge of my circle of friend's New Year's plans, so I've been checking out what some of our favorite clubs are doing for the holidays. One night when I was online doing that a few days ago, I came across the website and after I looked through it, I signed up for the internet service at my apartment.

I have it narrowed down to a few different clubs that I'm going to run by my friends because we're only going to go to one for the NYE party because cover charges are so expensive for the holiday.

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