Monday, January 3, 2011

Done Finally

I finally spoke with somebody at the dentist office. I was on hold for so long grrrrr. Later I have to call the other dentist office if they receive the referral. I need to get this all done today since the dental appointment for my boy is tomorrow. I just don't understand why that lady that did not do the paper works back in December. If I did not called them today to make sure the receive the referral I will not find out.

I am hoping that they will do it today. The last lady said that they'll make sure to fax it today. So, Now I have to wait until 2pm to call again just to make sure. Anyhow, I talked to hubby the other night and I said I need a new pots and pan lol. I want the stainless steel this time so it will last long. The one I have now is the nonstick one and it always end up scratch and looking ugly hehehe. I want those professional cookware if I can lol. Anyway here is a place for you to visit if you need a restaurant supply or restaurant equipment. Just click on those link. For me here I need to get up and start my workout.

I have been eating too much during the holidays and now it's time for me to hop in the treadmill again. Otherwise I'll be back into that giant me again hehehe. I am so scared to be that big again so I have to do this. All I need to do is cutting back on the foods again and a one hour workouts a day.

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