Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Case

I need to buy a new case for my daughter's new camera. I have to put a reminder on my phone the next time we go to the store. I keep forgetting to look then on the way back home I remember and it's already too late. So, Next time we go to the store I make sure that I look for it. Anyway I have been cleaning my kids closet and take out all the clothes that doesn't fit them anymore.

So now I have a big pile of clothes in my bedroom ready to be send to the Philippines. We are planning to clean out the backyard but it's too cold to get out there. Maybe we have to wait on a warmer day. We saw a very nice arbors at the store the other day and there is one particular arbor that I really like. I can use one in the backyard and one in the front the wooden arbors are really look good.

How nice it is to have one of those garden arbors. I always want to have one maybe someday. Anyway we don't have any plan for tomorrow yet. If the weather is going to stay this cold tomorrow we probably just spend the whole day inside the house.

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