Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Little Big Girl 8th Birthday

I can't believe that my girl will turn another year older tomorrow. She is growing so fast. I have some picture of her that I put on this post when shes a baby and now that she is a big girl. I'm a little busy in here because my hubby and kids are sick I just hope that they will get over this colds soon. To my baby girl Mommy, Daddy and Ian love you so much sweetheart I hope you will have a lot of fun on your birthday and I wish you good health and may all your dreams come true!!!

MY Little Girl Before

My Big Girl Now!


eva said...

hi angel! she's pretty like you.

by the way can i ask a favor?

is it ok if you update my old url "all about life" to

i just got domain for my blog.

thanks for the help.

got another two blogs too. would you mind exchanging links?

Irel said...

Wow, she is a big girl now. Belated Happy b-day to your girl:)

gwapa can u please update my Pinaypay link? Just change it from to thanks.