Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Christmas Is Almost Here!

Time really fly, now we are only two months away from December. The kids can't wait for Christmas to come. They already started on making their Christmas list:)… I am glad that I bought all my Christmas décor last year when I check out the best after christmas sale. I like to shop after Christmas because you can get a lot of stuff in a very low price. Now, all I have to do is worried about the present shopping. Couple years ago I spend so much money on Christmas decoration, but I am not doing it again because I know now when to shop for Christmas décor.

Holiday shopping can be stressful specially if you don't have any idea what to give to somebody. I am going to try to find a coupons for my holiday shopping this year. My kids want to have the Nintendo 3DS for Christmas. Hubby and I are planning to trade in their old ones. We have to see what we can do.

Anyway, I want to send a box to my family in the Philippines, but I still don't know what to send them. I had the chance to talked to my parents this morning and I am so happy to hear their voice. I wish I can come home and spend Christmas with them this year, but that is impossible to happen maybe next year.

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