Sunday, October 23, 2011

Just Relaxing

We have a cold weekend, so we decided to just stay at home watch movies and relax. I just woke up from a quick nap. Before I start cooking dinner I wanted to do a little blogging in here. I am here in our screen room and the temperature is very nice not too cold. I just wish I have a couple of Adirondack chairs here because I like the way they designed it, it look so relaxing.

Anyway, last weekend we attended a fall fest here in our neighborhood. There are so many people attended and the kids had so much fun playing. The only problem is that, they don't have enough sit for everybody. When they're serving foods some people just eating standing and some just sit on the grass. It would be nice if the home owners association will purchase some Picnic Tables so everyone can have a good time.

Most of the people didn't even stay long because of no place to sit and just relax. I can't wait to see even just a Park Benches to be put down around the back pool. I think it look a lot better if they have some of those around the area. The kids want to play on the play ground, but it was kind a boring because it is for little kids. They need to put some more playground equipment for bigger kids. I don't know when it will happen, but I hope they will do it so everyone can enjoy the park.

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