Thursday, October 13, 2011

Need New Mailbox

My friend is now looking for a new mailbox. Couple days ago somebody knocked their mailbox down and now it's all broken to pieces. I don't understand why there's a people like that, I guess they got nothing to do. Somebody did that to our mailbox before too! I have no idea what got into those peoples mind why they do things like that. Anyhow, I suggested my friend to check out the Classic Mailboxes at

They also have the Gaines Mailboxes and Keystone Mailboxes. I really like the design of those mailboxes. My friend told me that she is going to visit this website to look for a new mailbox. I hope she find one that she like. Anyway, speaking of mailbox it was really weird last Monday because the mail man did not showed up. I am wondering why there is no mail last Monday hmmmp. I have to go to bed gotta get up early tomorrow. Nighty night everyone!

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