Saturday, November 12, 2011

Shopping For Christmas

My friend asked me if I can join her to go shopping this coming Black Friday. I said I have to see if I have a budget for it. I also told her to visit the upromise black friday for the coupons. You will get additional discount if you have the coupons. Last year I got lazy, so I stayed home and did go for the black friday sale. Now, I am thinking of going with my friend and see if we can find some good deal.

At you will also find macy's coupons. So, if you are planning to go shopping this coming black friday visit this website for coupons. They actually have so many different store coupons on their website. If you like to to save and check out those coupons just click the links I have on this post.

Anyway, I am a little tired today we went out for lunch and go to the store to buy more Christmas decorations. I am tired now, but happy because I am done decorating the big tree and the small tree is half way done. Tomorrow I only have few more things to do with the Christmas tree, then I am done. Hopefully I'll get this all done by next week. I need to get this decorating job done, so I can start thinking about what to make for Thanksgiving.

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