Monday, September 19, 2011

A great fall clutch to get me through to winter

Guest post written by Deanna Winters

I really hate the fall season because it's an end to the summer. The summer is my all-time favorite season and I'm always just so sad when it comes to an end. So you could say that the fall season is my mourning period. That means that I need to cheer myself up just to get myself through to winter. Winter I like because it's so jolly, filled with great food and lots of Christmas specials. But fall I still hate.

I thought that this year I would try and find a really cute fall clutch, which are really popular right now, to try and cheer myself up a little bit. While I was looking online for one of them, I ran across some info on internet packages and showed it to my roommates. After a little roommate meeting, I decided to change over our current service to one of those packages.

I was really excited about this oversized fall clutch that I found. I know that I'll be able to fit most of my regular stuff in there, which will be really nice.

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