Thursday, September 1, 2011

Finally They Changed It

We have neighbor here that their mailbox was so broken that it almost touch the ground. The mail man have to get off and bend down to put the mail inside lol. It was like that for months, I mean how hard it is to look for residential mailboxes?.. They even have some cheap once. But, then last week we saw one of our neighbor put a new mailbox. Now, finally the mail man is happy.

Anyway, speaking about mailboxes check out They have a wide variety of different mail boxes. They have plenty of mailboxes that I really really like. But, I don't need a mailbox right now. For those of you who are interested or looking for mailboxes visit their website today.

I have to go and pick up the kids at school. Time just went by so fast it seems like I just drop them off now it's pick up time already.

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