Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Almost Done

The kids summer vacation is almost done. But, I am happy that we're able to take them to Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. It was a very nice trip for the whole family. Also on our way back home we stopped by in North Carolina and South Carolina. Hopefully on our next vacation we can visit another state. Like New York City and Las Vegas Area.

The kids and I would love to see more places. My son have this thing now that he talked a lot about hotels he really like the idea of staying in the hotel on vacation lol. Also he want to stop in every Restaurants he seen. It was so funny listening to him the whole time we are driving. He keeps telling me that he really like the indoor pool at the hotel. But, anyway I am happy that the kids had fun on our little vacation. Soon they'll be back to school again and this time they're going to deal with lots of homework. I hope that they enjoyed the summer vacation because next week is back to school already.

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