Monday, October 18, 2010

Eyes Checked

Finally we got our daughter's eyes check today. The result she is nearsighted so now she has to wear eyeglass when she read a far distance. We got the eyeglass ordered today and we should have it by next week. She was so nervous at first because she doesn't know what the eye doctor is going to do. But, when we get to the exam room everything was fine. She is so excited about her new pink eyeglass lol. Hubby and I was a little worried about her now, we feel a little better that we know what is the problem. We just have to wait now until her eyeglass will arrive.

I have to finish my house work tomorrow since I did not have enough time to finish it today. Anyway you can now get an asbestos survey just visit They can give you information on how to remove asbestos in your home. So, get the solution you need on dealing with asbestos check out their website today.

I have so much work to do this week we need to attend to a Halloween party on Saturday. So I have to plan what kind of food I have to bring for the pot luck. The kids are so excited and want to bring their friends with them. There will be a lot more people this year compare to last year. Well, have a wonderful night and sweet dreams.

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