Sunday, October 17, 2010

Eat And Play

Today we went to the community annual fest and the kids had so much fun. They have bounce houses and games. The kids favorite spot are the snow cone and cotton candy. They just love it so much. The homeowner association did a wonderful job on today's get together. They had so much foods from burger, hot dogs and chicken barbecue. Also they had so much stuff for desserts.

Anyway I want to put a walk in tubs in the house the we are building in the Philippines. I check out and their website help me decide which one I would buy later on. Right now I stop the construction since I don't have a job to continue the building. But, the house is almost done. My parents sometimes sleep in there since it is a lot cooler upstairs.

I can't wait to finish the house but, the question is when? Well, I guess whenever we can afford to finish it. Right now we are not in a hurry to finish it since we are not planning to move there any time soon.

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