Thursday, October 21, 2010

Winter Vacation

Winter is fast approaching once again and I known that there are a lot of people like to go for a family vacation. Right now you can visit if you want to visit North Carolina. You can check out Myrtle Beach hotel and resorts in Myrtle Beach. For us will be enjoying the holidays at home this year. We use to go to the mountain of Giorgia and enjoy the mountain, rivers and water falls. But this year we can't go.

Anyway I just realize that I have too much work to do here. Time is moving so fast it's already after ten. I'm still stuck here in the couch lol. I need to start moving and get on with it. I hope to finish at least half of it. We also want to do a yard sale this weekend. Hubby want to get rid of the stuff in the garage that we don't use anymore. So tomorrow will be a busy day for us to gather everything for Saturday.

We want to visit Myrtle beach on summer. It would be good to check out the place. We never been there yet. Since we are a little closer to North Carolina we want to drive there and explore the place. We like to see new things, I really like to travel by car. Traveling by land is so nice you get to see so many different place that you never seen before. So, Myrtle beach is definitely on our list to visit.

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