Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Family fun at the Akron Zoo

Contribution by Terrance Kirby

My kids really love the Akron Zoo. Living in Wadsworth, Ohio it's so easy to get to the Akron Zoo. I simply pack the kids some snacks, set my ADT Home Security alarm, hop in the car and we arrive in about 20 minutes. The penguin exhibit is near the entrance of the zoo. That is where my children typically run first. The zoo has recently put a lot of effort and money into upgrading the penguin area. The kids cannot only watch the penguins swimming via a glass wall but, also now have a stairs leading to an overlook where they see them from above! This is an outdoor exhibit as I believe the Akron weather actually suits the penguins!

The second place the kids like to go is to the new indoor exhibit which features crocodiles and komodo dragons. I think this zoo may be the only place I've actually seen live komodo dragons. They look friendly, but, the zoo officials make it clear to the kids that these reptiles are extremely poisonous. After the kids have stared at these animals, we are off to watch the silly antics of the otters. And if you know anything about kids and otters, I can barely get my kids to leave this exhibit! I highly recommend you bring your family to the Akron Zoo.

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