Monday, October 18, 2010

Online Games

My two kids are addicted with their online games. The good thing on is that all the places where they play is very safe. I watch them all the time on which site do they go. Even me I am addicted the the games in the computer. I am hook up with the zumas revenge game. Now I got hubby to join me on playing the game lol. I am actually in the higher level compare to him my son is playing it too. But, then he always asked me to play for his player.

Our daughter is the only one who is not very interested on the game. Any I need to get ready for my laundry job here. I have so much to do before the kids will come home from school. I don't even have time anymore to visit my FB. Have a great week ahead everyone... Because me I have a very busy week again this week. Starting tonight my daughter have an appointment with the eye doctor. I think she will be wearing eyeglasses soon.

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