Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Long Day

What a long day I had today I spend half of the day ironing clothes. Then off to pick up the kids at school. Then we have to go back again to the school for my daughter's 4th grade program. The program was really nice. My daughter was so shy she doesn't even want smile lol. Anyway we just had a rain the other day. We just put out our garden rain chains I am also planning on buying the gutter rain chain. My favorite of all is the copper rain chains I would like to buy one someday.

Tomorrow will be a busy day again. The teacher of my son asked me if I can come tomorrow to help her at school. She want to finish her testing. I thought I will get done with my laundry tomorrow but, I have to cancel it. I have a duty at school tomorrow. I really need to get this laundry put away so I can start cleaning the bathroom. I guess I have to do it on Thursday and Friday.

It will be a short day at school tomorrow since tomorrow is early release day. Will be home an hour early tomorrow. So, maybe I can finish some of my work by then.

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