Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ready For Tomorrow

We are ready for the Halloween tomorrow. I am working on the dessert right now. The kids want me to make a confetti cake for Halloween. Also I am making egg custard. I need to cook the rest tomorrow. I just bought a cookies at the store tonight so I don't need to bake it. Chocolates are also in the big bowl waiting for the kids tomorrow.

I am trying to save some money on our savings account right now. I am going to apply for citizenship soon. Anyway the kids will be so tired on Monday because of the Halloween. We are going to try to be done by 9pm tomorrow. That way it won't be too late for the kids to go to bed. We are going to bed early tonight we have to get up early to go to the boat storage to pay. The kids doesn't want to go to bed yet. They want to stay up and watch TV.

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