Friday, October 22, 2010

Bathroom Cleaned

I did cleaned my bathroom yesterday so I don't need to think about it tomorrow. I just hope that the kids won't make a mess in there again. I visited the website of and I find a lot of nice stuff in there. I want to buy that shower head that they have in there it's really nice and kind a wide. So, if you are planning to renovate your bathrooms visit their website today. They have a lot of nice tubs and sinks. It is so nice to do some update in the bathroom. Sometimes I get bored with the same stuff in the bathroom so I try to make the decoration changes once in a while.

Right now we are planning to buy and new bathroom sink for the kids bathroom. Hubby want to buy the two sinks so the kids won't fight all the time. They always have argument on who goes first to brush their teeth and they end up fighting. Right now I try to make them go one at a time so no arguments. I think it would be a lot better with two sinks too. Their bathroom is big enough to put two sinks. So, that is our next project aside from the kitchen flooring. Well, I need to get the house ready my friend's baby will be staying with me for awhile. I am going to have fun with that little cute boy.

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