Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wine Opener

My friend asked me if I can give here a rogar estate wine opener for Christmas. But, she said that she was just kidding. Both of she and her hubby like to drink wine. So, they always like to collect wine opener. Her sister in law got her the champion wine opener and she really love it. Now she is keeping it as a collection. She also have the estate wine opener on her collections. Some people have different type of collections my friend like to collect a wine opener. While I like to collect snow globes and angels.

My schedule for today is full already. After blogging here I have to start cleaning the house. I got done with the laundry now it's the house cleaning is next. But, I have on problem here my butt stuck in the couch again hehehe. I am going to make myself a soup for lunch before starting to do my cleaning. I need a little energy first.

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