Sunday, October 10, 2010

Donut For Breakfast

Kids want donuts for breakfast so, we went to buy donuts and now they are enjoying it. I am not eating donuts today. But, I got myself a whole grain baguette and it's so delicious. Tomorrow is another day of work and school. I finally done working with the laundry now I need to work on my kitchen. I need to buy new spices I am almost out on everything.

I am planning on buying one on those jk adams spice rack so it will last longer. Hubby and I like to cook at home so we always make sure that we have everything we need when we cook. Sometimes we like to eat out also but, only on the weekends. During week days we always cook and eat at home. I also like the jk adams cutting board I love their designs. There is one thing that I really want on my kitchen the pot racks and I saw a jk adams pot rack that I really like. Once I save up enough money I am going to buy those things.

I like to spend time in the kitchen and cook. No wonder why it's so hard to to lose weight lol.

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