Friday, October 1, 2010

Have a Nice Weekend

Have a nice weekend everyone! The kids are so excited to see their friends tomorrow. We are going to attend on a birthday party of my daughter's best friend. The two of them is like sisters. I can't believe how they grow through the years it seems like it was just yesterday when both are so little. Now my daughter is almost as tall as me.

She will be a lot taller than me in a few years. Anyway we had a good day today hubby and I had our lunch date. The kids enjoyed playing with their friends after school today. Now we are just watching TV and trying to relax. The plan for tomorrow is canoe fishing but, since my friend called me today about the party we have to cancel it.

The Florida weather is getting a lot cooler in the morning. But about noon the sun is still too hot to handle. Sunday is the best weather it will be only high on the med 80s. My son said he can't wait for the cold weather to come.

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