Friday, October 29, 2010

A kid friendly kitchen

Guest post written by Josh Currant

We have our first baby on the way and even though we have three months left until she gets here, we're doing our best right now to make sure that we have everything in order for her arrival. We're putting the finishing touches on the nursery but we thought that since we're almost through with it that we'd concentrate on other parts of the house that we could make more kid friendly when we have the time (and our sanity) now.

I thought that one room that we needed to switch around would be the kitchen, so I looked up some more info on what I could have done to the kitchen. We ended up getting some new appliances, including a flat surface stove so we don't have to worry about little hands poking fingers into the burners. Also, We got our oven moved further up into one of our cabinets so that it would be harder for a little kid to reach up to it and open the door. Hopefully all this work will make the time to the delivery go by faster!

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